El mar en mi memoria

El Mar En Mi Memoria

Lithographs, etchings, monotypes
17.50 x 17.50 inches
2007 – 2008

Islas en busca de puentes

In the gallery space, nine prints were selected from the series El mar en mi memoria and installed in a grid form.The prints faced a large textile floor sculpture constructed from individual pieces of cotton muslin and burlap which was flanked on either side by two plaster intaglio prints reading Yo and You.

Since 1959, Cuban exiles have been leaving their country for political and economic reasons, doing so almost entirely by sea: Camarioca (1960), The Mariel Boatlift (1980) and the Balseros Crisis (1994). In 1994, 30,000 Cubans left in makeshift rafts. The sea is the only way off the island toward an imagined reality in a host country. This installation explores this condition of contradiction, fragmentation and the possibilities of living and remaining in a liminal space